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Our philosophy

Feel the Sound of Emotions

Absolute Neutrality

At Electron Research, we aim to reproduce sounds as faithfully as possible. Transparent, natural, and clear... With our IA-70 Amplifier, it's simple... Relive a live performance from the comfort of your home!

Unmatched Performance

At Electron Research, we believe in striving for perfection. This is why our founder, Hervé Benichou - an audio engineer and journalist - dedicated his life to create a high-performance machine capable of realistically reproducing every single musical note. With our IA-70 Amplifier, be ready to be transported to your favorite musical destination in no time!

For Everyone

At Electron Research, we are driven by our passion for music - a passion we share with many. That is why we made our solutions very easy to use for everyone - from amateurs to professionals. The IA-70 is also compatible with all speakers on the market. Just plug, play, and enjoy it!

Share your experience with us!

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