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Achieving perfection

At Electron Research, we believe in striving for perfection. This is why our founder, Hervé Benichou, dedicated his life to create a high-performance machine capable of realistically reproducing every single musical note. Compatible with all speakers on the market, the new IA-70 Amplifier was created to share this passion for musical excellence with all music lovers.

20 years of R&D

20 years of R&D

Unmatched performance

Unmatched performance

Easy integration and use

Easy integration and use

But mostly... a deep emotional experience

But mostly... a deep emotional experience

Treat yourself with our latest amplifier

  • Clear and pure sound

The exclusive anti-MDI technology achieves a completely new level of musical realism and purity.

  • Phenomenal analytical performance

We have spent considerable effort to develop unparalleled analytical power and total compatibility with all speakers.

  • Incredibly easy integration

Easy to set-up and use, there is no need to be an expert to enjoy the high-fidelity sound. Just plug, play, and enjoy it!

  • Total vibration control

The chassis is made of thick, high-density aluminium panels, thus guarantees excellent vibration immunity.

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What they say about us

"The Electron Research amplifier holds up against the famous Grandinote, amazingly."

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