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Amplificateur IA-70

Treat yourself with our latest amplifier

Relive the emotions of a live performance at the comfort of your home.


The exclusive anti-MDI technology achieves a completely new level of musical realism and purity.


The CFA technology equips our IA-70 Amplifier with exceptional analytical power and allows it to be fully compatible with all speakers on the market.


R-Core transformer

The R-Core power transformer maximizes musical performances by minimizing the influence of the mains network.

ETI connectivity

The ETI connectivity offers optimal contact quality. The low-performance brass here gives way to unique tellurium for perfect conductivity.

Silver soldered joint

We only use high silver solders, selected after rigorous hearing tests.

High-end internal wiring

We took special care on the internal wiring, which is often overlooked, to provide maximum quality, using only specialized audio cables.

Krion, a promising material

Made of mineral powder, colorant, and resin, the Krion imitates stones while offering high durability and high precision machining.


Total vibration control

It took us months of research to perfectly isolate the amplifier from its support while effectively evacuating internal vibrations created by the transformer.

Perfect proofing system

The triangular proofing system with hemispherical surface is optimal and brings all the advantages of the usual cone without its drawbacks.

Aluminium frame

The chassis is made of very thick and high-density aluminum panels. This guarantees a low resonant frequency and prevents the harmful effects of magnetic materials on sound quality.

Reduced heating time

The heating time to reach its full musical potential has been reduced to one hour. No need to wait to enjoy the perfect sound of your music!

Technical Features

Amplifier power: 2×70 watts @ 8 Ohms (min)

Recommended minimum load impedance: 6 Ohms

Bandwidth: DC-200kHz (min)

Signal/Noise ratio: ≥ 90dB

Input impedance
           Line input: 47 kOhms

           XLR input: 600 Ohms

Continuous coupling without capacitors

Gain: 35 dB

Voltage output: 220-230V AC @50/60 Hz (EU), 110-115V AC @50/60 Hz (US), 100V AC @50/60 Hz (Japan).

Power transformer: R-Core

Topolgy: Transistor, 100% analog, AB class, CFA

Weight: 20 kg

Dimensions : 440 x 160 x 440 mm (HxWxD)

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Electron Research reserves the right to modify its products for continual improvement.


Hear it. Feel it.

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